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Friday, August 27, 2004

Coffee Cups Full of Jäger

Last night started out as quiet, and by quiet I mean shots. Let me give you some advice - don't let your wasted friends talk you into going to the bar after they have been boozing for hours on end. Next thing you know I got talked into going to the infamous Loon, which apparently only pours triples for shots. Jäger was consumed - debauchery ensued.

We have only had our new apartment for just over a week and we already have 2 noise violations. To help combat this problem we have issued a rule that states you must take a breathalyzer test to enter our apartment after the hours of midnight. That rule was violated last night by Andrew "Paul Hamm" Jamison. Bastid. I don't want to get into finger-pointing, but we expect our 3rd noise violation shortly.

This weekend could be huge - If in Dallas lets make it happen. Keep being beautiful..bobvs.

I leave you with a quote from 'The Venis' - "Bowel movements won't go down." Who says that shit, schmears...


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