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Thursday, August 26, 2004

A new day - A new beginning

Dudes - what is really going on here? That is the question that gets asked alot when I am around. To answer it, finally, I will say this is the craziest/dumbest/most ridiculous thing I could possibly be doing. After talking about blogs with my friends for months, Charlie Murphy and myself have decided that we can bring you some of the best Piping Hot Content (via the internet has to offer. We promise to bring you more NSFW posts than any other blog.

Can everyone please pray/cross their fingers for me. If we get lucky (which I am hoping for) -- we might have the hottest, most bestest neighbor evs. MBD kids. If you are thinking Road Rules you are on the right track, if you are thinking The Tap you are on the right track, if you are thinking fake tees you are on the right track. Scottland Dub has promised to 'bobvs all over the plastic' once they get settled.

For now it is time for some PT. The daddies are going to be floating on the rafts, drinks in hands, with good times to be had.

Must have back - fobvs.

I leave you with the bestest sideboobage evs....


  • Welcome to the game. Let me know when the Mark Graham statue is up in the apartment.

    By Blogger TwoFoot, at 12:35 PM  

  • One more thing. The day yall saw MDB, I saw Tim "The Tool Man" Lever. I think yall win.

    By Blogger TwoFoot, at 1:16 PM  

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