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Sunday, September 12, 2004

I had an AWESOME time....

Hello - Hola - Caio - привет and Het hallo...

How the hell is everybody? I know that most people are probably having severe withdrawals from the lack of content posted on TheBoner the past couple of days - but fear not, the Jagermonster is back. I got so much hottness it will be dripping from your tees for weeks.

Worst way to wake up in the morning? Listening to this
crap. I can't say that I listen to it - but I have a friend that does. Kidd is so 1990, it makes C. Thomas Howell jealous.

Shaq comes out with a
cd. Finally something worse than Kazzzzzzzzzzzzzam!

Joey - So becks. My guess - no more than 3 episodes.

The Apprentice deuce - did anyone watch the hour long BOREDroom scene? How many times did I hear 'talented' or 'utilized' -- way too many I tell you. I am going to go out on a limb here and say this one is going to be ever shittier than the first. Let's be honest, that bitch Pamela should have been fired along with Rob. Both suck.

Georgia Tech/Clemson game - So best. One of the better upsets I have seen in awhile. Let's hope Clemson is depressed and doesn't show up next week.

Pretzels are the new croutons - or so Scottland Dub believes. I was shocked to see my roommate load up his salad with some Rold Gold's tonight. "This shit is going to catch on, I swear" - bfobvs. Speechless....

David Carr's
hair - durstimus maximus.

Anyone else freaked out by the abundance of ink in the NFL these days? I threw up after I saw Jason Babin's. That shit is gross.

The OC - Obsessed Completely. Mischa -- looking hotttttttttttt.

"There is a real good chance that we can kill this bottle tonight" - Scottland referring to the 4 liter bottle of Sangria he purchased at 11:00pm last night. I refuse to tell you the outcome.

Do yourself a favor and download
Bob Schneider "The King of the World" - this song is the tits. Thank me later.

I just was informed that my birthday falls on a Friday this year. Disastrous. Blowout details to follow in the upcoming weeks.

Don't be fooled by the Blog that I got -- I'm still Jamie from the block.


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