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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

I'm rich - bitch.

That's right friends - yesterday I made a purchase - or an investment if you will. I talked the parentals into hooking up the Jagermonster with an ipod for my 24th, which is just around the corner. Regardless - this thing is straight up so titties. So many bad azz functions, so easy to use. SO BEST. I assure you I will be involved in some tom-foolery today in the office - uploading songs and whatnot.

It sure is nice to give my liver a break - 3 days of soberiety and loving it. Now I just need to start exercising to shed off the ellbs. I remember when I had a 6-pack (not booze) - I remember that DAY.

I am finally willing to admit defeat. We are done for the playoffs. I guess it is time to renew my card carrying rights to be a member of RSN (Red Sox Nation - natch).

There will be an update tonight on The DB - Best Hair in sports - REVEALED! The smart money is on Johnny Damon - howevs I will be doing research throughout the day.

It is sad that even the Chinese are wrapped up (safety first kids) in Britney Schmears Gossip. When asked if pregnant, brit-brit's response "No, not that I know of. But next year, I am so there." SO THERE? This isn't a vacation to the beach or a night at a concert - this is a kid you are talking about. Hey Kevin - thanks for the Herp's.

Jay Leno to retire - IN 2009. Don't you think this announcement is a bit premature? Let me mark my calendar for 2009 - that I haven't bought yet! No buzz.

Hey Agassi - Kurt Warner called.

zzzzzzz NEXT!

And speaking of zzz's - check out this article forwarded to me by GoogleCV. After some long nights of boozing and debauchery I could surely use on of those....

Updates later yo.


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