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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

It's Getting Hott In Here!

Can you SAAAAAY Shara-Hottness?

She isn't getting uglier - I swear. I, like many Americans was glued to the tele last night watching Maria sweat it out again someone less talented - and by less talented I mean she was fugly. She wasn't bringing the goods I was looking for on the court. In the end - hottness prevailed - as it should. Let's hope Maria has another Cinderella story at The Open, much like Wimblebest.

In totally unrelated news, Hurricane Drew blew through Dallas yesterday. Don't run over to to see pictures of the damage. The damage done was mostly to livers and credit cards. All I can really say is that Ol' Crowe whiskey - so shits.

The Gingerman has a new beer on tap. It's called VTL. (SFW). It was in high demand last night as 3 were spotted in less than 10 minutes. robvs all over them t-backs.

"It's not so much me as it is Roenick, he's good." In an interview with
ESPN yesterday, Jeremy Roenick admitted that he has placed several bets (totaling over $100 G's) on various sporting events. He also claims that he has never placed a single bet on hockey. If you ask me it sounds like booze and blow are involved, but that can be neither confirmed nor denied -essentially I just made that up. Roenick - you got the hair to be Pete Rose, let's hope you don't actually become Pete Rose or your days of being a hero on Nintendo's 'Blades of Steel' will be over.

The producers of "The Late Late Show" have lined up
four guest hosts to fill the void left by former host Craig Kilbs. Making the cut are Michael Ian Black, D.L. Hughley, Amy Sedaris, and JIM ROME! Many people know that I have been a clone for quite some time. I used to listen to Romey everyday in College Station - it would make my day/year if he did in fact get the 'late-late' job. Best of luck, from the Jungle. (via

And finally - don't wait up for me tonight kids. I have a
Chivas Regal tasting event tonight at The Crescent. Fair enough! Thank you GoogleCV for the invite!

Stay bobvs people.


  • my bet is that Roenick and his buddy B. Hull have spent plenty o' nights blown the EFF out, Bob Probert stizz.

    By Blogger Uncle Grambo, at 2:24 PM  

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