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Saturday, August 28, 2004


that's right...charlie murphy is plugged in, and everyone is invited (not you, skunk stripe!). big boy and i are delivering only the hottest to your pc, dominos stizz. i'll be tossing up input whenever i find the time...which, let's be honest, is almost every day. thanks college station.

my new roommate and i just went to goodwill in the station. i was dressed in polo shorts, a polo shirt, smiths tortoise-shell sunglasses (best), and birkenstocks. i felt real uncomfortable flying through the dress shirts looking for pearl snaps, right next to an older man who was shopping for a business suit. sidenote: i think i am going to purchase a leisure suit to lounge around the house in.

usa basketball...what a rimjob of a series. whoever is in charge of their operations has some serious homework to do. did you see the way argentina destroyed our b and c list players? horrible. hey, douchebags, how about fielding a couple of players who can shoot from the perimeter. for one time in my life i felt bad for allen iverson. and it lasted like 3 seconds. and except for larry brown, did anyone happen to see a white person on our sidelines? probably because every honky in the nba is eurotrash (or a canuck, ehh steve?).

i am a music snob. that said, here is a short list of hott bands i am listening to right now. download at your own risk. to be updated prn (that's medical shorthand for "as needed", biatch).
-The Shins (obvs)
-The Long Winters (so best)
-The Secret Machines (kind of pink floyd-meets-velvet underground)
-Helio Sequence
-Iron & Wine
-Frou Frou (garden state)

bands to stay away from:
-polyphonic spree...seriously...don't jump on the bandwagon
-franz ferdinand

i'm sure i can think of many more...but i'm moving on.

i have started to notice that my beer gut is starting to peek over the top of my jeans. consequently, i am headed to beautiful lake bryan today to mountainbike my extra layer of orca fat off. seriously.

after dinner last night i drank a whole bottle of red by myself on our porch. effing relaxing. i rigged up some old shitty car speakers and mounted them on our fence right next to our little patio table. gypsy kings, a bottle of yellowtail shiraz-cabernet (cheap, yes, but good), and a couple of camel evening in weeks...barring last weekend at paradise.

okay...albeit short...that's all i have for now. saturday posts will be rare...but i had to get this ball rolling. catch me next time, when this crockpot of hottness is bubbling over with goodies. hopefully by then i will have had time to read up on linking and posting pics, because the murph knows you need to feed the monkey.

i leave you with this....


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