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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

"So I made her the queen of my double-wide trailer"

Sammy Kershaw said it best...

Britney, honey, you need to wear your shoes in the parking lot. Didn't mom ever tell you not to walk around on the streets bare-footed? I bet your back alley trash, home-made meth lab fiance will lick those dogs tonight regardless ( i would consider it).

Speaking of, if any of you subscribe to GQ magazine (which i highly recommend), flip to the last page. It is an open letter from the magazine to the pop princess. So funny. Direct excerpt: "You know how bad it's gotten, Britney? Here's who's hotter than you: Hoobastank." OUCH! least you know it's only up from here, because it certainly doesn't get any worse than Hooba-Suck. POSERS.'ve got some unbelievable supporters in the ranks (NSFW-not suitable for work!) Will they be appearing this week at the convention???

Dallas Cowboys...strong showing last night. Despite his age, old man Vinny looked like he was....well...35 at the MOST! Damn fine performance. And how about Keyshawn? I don't care how he runs his mouth. If he continues to play like that, he can talk all he wants to. Unfortunate schedule for Da Boys though. Finished a game last night, and have to turn around and play Thursday night. All the better for me though...Aggies on ESPN (might be scary), and Cowboys on ABC. A sixer of Guinness and some Wings should round off a perfect evening (i would have added the company of a girl...but i said a wanted a perfect night).

Seriously, people, stop picking on Paul Hamm! That guy is going to commit suicide if this shit goes on any longer!

anywiz, gotta get caught up on some reading...possible update to come. NATCH!


  • Ouch on the girl comments...We are not all bad. Murph has some hostility built up. Jagermonster just FYI that Loahn is on the cover of PEOPLE. She looks naughty, you would like.

    By Blogger barmaidblogger, at 8:58 PM  

  • Hey Mindy -- don't worry. My mother bought me the issue of People just so I would have a copy. I have issues with Lohan (in '04) right now. Bobvs on her tees -- but sharapova is gaining ground --- developing.

    By Blogger JagerMonster, at 12:33 AM  

  • barmaid hottness...hey's just that typically football is enjoyed sans women. that's not to say that i don't like girls watching it with me. any woman who can watch an entire game of football (or 3 in a row), enjoy it, and not complain about it, is a special lady in my book. RESPEC', Ali G stizz.

    By Blogger charlie murphy, at 8:43 AM  

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