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Friday, September 03, 2004

You Don't Know the Struggle, Man

So I was awoken this morning at 6:45 by my roommate, who, in a quasi-panic alcoholic haze, forgot I shaved a mo-hawk into his head last night (he so asked for it). Unfortch, he totally forgot about it until he was faced staring down a man sporting a patch-work sheep style mo-hawk and red eyes. I couldn't help but laugh for like 15 minutes straight, and then got really pissed for waking up 30 minutes early, hung over no less. Could have really used that extra sleep. Rough morning.

Looks like I'm off to party with Jagermonster (natch), Venus, Scotty Dub, GoogleCV and crew in the Big D, rooftop stizz. Already placed my order for the translucent green bottles featuring my favorite alcoholic animal (supposedly already in the freezer and ready to be drawn from). The Uptown weatherman is calling for showers late-night (comprised mainly of barf). If you're planning on traveling near the intersection of State and Allen, be sure to bring your umbrella, as you might be sprinkled upon with heave (of alcohol poison and bulemia origin...after all...we're only 5 miles from SMU campus). Tees are sure to be bovs (and possibly barfed) upon. Hey man...I'm just trying to live.

Thanks in advance to the girls of 2464 Worthington for the hospitality...Christine, you're the best! (robvs) By the way, I LOVE Belgian Waffles (but will settle for taquitos).

Three day weekend could be's to being alive on Tuesday morning. May Labor Day bless you with a stomach full of beef and Guinness (and a relatively painless exit).



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